Prevention Classes


Understanding Marijuana 4 hours  This class gives a general overview of what happens when Marijuana is used.  It cover the negative physical and mental issues that may come up with usage.

Consequences of Alcohol & Drugs 4 hours We give a general overview of a how alcohol and drugs change how the body and mind works.  This class will cover most drug groups.

Managing Opiate and Prescription Pill Use 4 hours :  We take an in depth look at how Opiates and other prescription drugs can be dangerous.  We look at the mental and physical changes that take place with over usage as well as explain what it means to be addicted to this types of drugs.

Dealing with Anger 4 hours  We focus on how to defuse situations that can lead to bad decisions while angry.  Using simple techniques that will help make better decisions while in stressful situations.




8 week Alcohol & Drug Prevention & Education Group:  An in depth look at how alcohol and drugs change the body and how this changes the abuser’s ability to function in society.


8 week Marijuana Education Group:  This class shows the health related and legal consequences of using and possessing cannabis. It allows for students to self examine and, with the help of counselors, work towards a healthier lifestyle.   

12 week Alcohol & Drug Prevention & Education Group: This course expands upon the 8 week course, delving deeper into ways in which those who have abused these substances can avoid them, and continue the progress made in the 8 week course.

12 week Opiate and Other Prescription Drug Abuse Group: With opiates and prescription drugs becoming all the more common recently, we have begun a group specifically tailored to the problems these drugs pose, and ways in which to cope with said problems.

16 week Relapse Prevention Group: We offer a community focused group wherein the attendees and the counselors work together to promote a culture of positivity that is grounded within reality, to help people who have become addicted overcome their addiction, and avoid falling back into old habits.




Anger Management Group 8-52 weeks(min 8 weeks) Long term Anger management class.. The clients will take an indepth look at how anger affects their daily lives and what to do in stressful situations.  

Domestic Violence Group 26-52 weeks(min 26)  A gender specific class that deals with domestic violence and how to best deescalate these confrontations.